Lestrocasa Firenze

Attention to Detail

We believe that each peace of furniture has to be created with passion and grate attention to every single detail. Each of them has to have its own individuality and unique style. That is why our highly qualified employs marge advanced technology with craftsmanship to produce high quality, luxurious and personalized furniture.

Our ambition is not only to design and manufacture a perfect product, but also to create and give to our customers functional

piece of art that we can be proud of.

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Contemporary Living

Passion to Design
Secret is in a detail

The primary goal of our company is striving for ever-changing trends in interior design, while maintaining a very high quality and functionality. Our furniture are appreciated by our customers in Italian and international markets.

Elegance and Functionality

During production process we pay great attention to every single detail, this is the reason why our furniture is manufactured only with carefully selected materials and is handmade finished by highly qualified employees.

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Highly customized

To satisfy the most demanding customers, our furniture can be made from a wide variety of materials and sizes. More of that, our company accept individual orders to make any interior design unique and special.

Solid wood is one of the most appreciated natural materials used from centuries in furniture craftsmanship. We use only carefully selected pieces of wood to provide our customers not only natural but also durable and long lasting product.

Functional & Resistant

Lestrocasa Firenze & Laminam
New Ceramic Tops

We merge contemporary design with functionality and durability. Our tables are now available with ceramic-glass tops. Easy to customize and with wide range of shapes and finishes.


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